vrijdag 15 november 2013

A short story

Indian Summer
English translation :

Look this little thing spinning around
not aware of anything
except for her task
of weaving a web 
to survive.

The cat catches our eye
she bows for goodbye
and what shall this one catch?
What she 's wishing for?

Along the golden road
the spider withdraws her web
And I?
I catched 
for you
that moment.

Music : Nocturne in G flat, Frédéric Chopin
Images, words, assembly : DagEnDauw

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1 opmerking :

Don't hesitate, just write something on the window or the walls, because I'ld love to read what you're thinking.

Aarzel maar niet. Hier mag je op het raam of de muren schrijven, gewoon omdat ik je graag wil lezen.