zaterdag 28 december 2013


...  A wish for wisdom in the new year

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vrijdag 20 december 2013

woensdag 11 december 2013

Eten / Food (for thought)

                                       Sometimes I even dare to forget

Soms durf ik het zelfs vergETEN

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vrijdag 6 december 2013

dinsdag 3 december 2013


Aurora Borealis
having a party

by DagEnDauw

Today I swept the sky
With a big bright broom
away all obstacles
 that could possibly loom

so blue, only blue was left
for the eye to see
Nothing at all between the sun
 the earth and me

While the guests were waiting for the day to pass

I locked up all clouds in a box of glass
After Boreas turned them into cubes of ice
I poured tinkling drinks
cooled by these frozen dice

Earth, winds, waters, fire, the blue moon and the golden sun
were waltzing with eachother all night long
until my sisters extinguished every star in the milky way
and I ended the party by starting a new day

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zaterdag 30 november 2013


Mijn bijdrage voor "schetsen op de minuut", van deze week

Paper Boats

by Rabindranath Tagore

Day by day I float my paper boats 
one by one down the running stream.
In bid black letters I write my name on them 
and the name of the village where I live.

I hope that someone in some strange land 
will find them and know who I am.
I load my little boats with shiuli flower from our garden, 
and hope that these blooms of the dawn 
will be carried safely to land in the night.

I launch my paper boats, 
look up into the sky and see the
little clouds setting thee white bulging sails.
I know not what playmate of mine in the sky 
sends them down the air to race with my boats!

When night comes I bury my face in my arms 
and dream that my paper boats float 
on and on under the midnight stars.
The fairies of sleep are sailing in them, 
and the lading ins their baskets full of dreams. 

Let there be light

More light(s) than one can bear...

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donderdag 28 november 2013

woensdag 27 november 2013


Zo, weer een nieuwe opdracht.
En om mijn laattijdigheid van de vorige keer goed te maken, ben ik er vandaag extra vlug bij.
 Hier is mijn achtste uitdaging voor jullie :

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And so a week has passed again.
To make it up for my lateness of last time, today I'm extra early.
This is my eight challenge for you :

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Hoe kon het ook anders met Sinte Maarten net achter de rug en Sinterklaas en de Kerstman nog in het verschiet?
What else could I choose with Santa Claus approaching?

Opdracht 8:


Assignement 7:

Child's play

No inspiration?
Pieter Brueghel de oude, already took care of an example ... ;-)

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maandag 25 november 2013


Gently glowing, this water lily radiates her perfume

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Unexpected / Onverwacht

Is that really me? / Ben ik dat?

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vrijdag 22 november 2013


Hèhè, hier ben ik weer.
Een beetje aan de late kant, ik weet het, maar hé, wie ligt daar eigenlijk wakker van? Dit is mijn zevende uitdaging voor jullie :

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Hèhè, Here I am again.
A little late this week, I know, but hey, is there actually anyone who cares? 
This is my seventh challenge for you :

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Opdracht 7:


Assignement 7:


Mijn bijdrage deze week / My contribution for this week :  


Ontbijt op zondagmorgen  /  Sundaymorning breakfast


Mijn bijdrage zijn de 2 inkttekeningen, de beide overige zijn ingekleurde Photoshop-probeersels ervan.
My contribution are both the ink drawings, the two others are a try out in color painted with Photoshop

And now it's your turn...

En nu is het aan jullie.

vrijdag 15 november 2013

Lagen / Layers

Glass reveils many layers
One can
 see landscapes or interiors through it
 reflections in it
dust and scratches on it
 sharper with it
or just hide behind it

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A short story

Indian Summer
English translation :

Look this little thing spinning around
not aware of anything
except for her task
of weaving a web 
to survive.

The cat catches our eye
she bows for goodbye
and what shall this one catch?
What she 's wishing for?

Along the golden road
the spider withdraws her web
And I?
I catched 
for you
that moment.

Music : Nocturne in G flat, Frédéric Chopin
Images, words, assembly : DagEnDauw

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Zes-woord-verhaal met beeld


Perfectie bestaat, in dromen ... en films.

Perfection exists, in dreams... and films.

(* foto van het web, fotograaf onbekend)
(* picture from the web, photographer unknown)

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woensdag 13 november 2013


Gezien er niet zo heel veel beweegt hier zal ik daar zelf voor zorgen met alweer de zesde uitdaging :
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As there is not much moving here, I 'll take care of it myself and give you this sixth challenge :
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Opdracht 6:


Assignement 6:


Mijn bijdrage deze week / My contribution for this week :

Waarom niet mee bewegen? / Why not move along with me?

vrijdag 8 november 2013

Geef ons heden ...

Our daily meal

"Habit" is this weeks theme
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Where 's my backpack?

The "connection" I made for the traveltheme of this week

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MOVE is a video from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

woensdag 6 november 2013


En we gaan dapper door,
klaar voor de vijfde uitdaging :
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Opdracht 5:


Assignement 5:


Mijn bijdrage deze week / My contribution for this week :

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vrijdag 1 november 2013

donderdag 31 oktober 2013


Wat gaat een week toch vlug
Hier ben ik alweer terug
met de vierde uitdaging :
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Opdracht 4:

Allemaal beestjes

Assignement 4:

Animal crackers in my soup

Mijn bijdrage deze week / My contribution for this week :