maandag 13 januari 2014


"People are like stained glass windows
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out.
But when de darkness sets in
their true beauty is revealed only 
if there is a light within."

Elizabeth K├╝bler Ross

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  1. Reacties
    1. From a window through a window, as a matter of fact.
      Thank you Amarnaik.

  2. Wat een mooi plaatje! Daar kan ik uuuuuuren naar kijken.... *zucht*

    1. Ik kon er ook niet aan weerstaan
      toen ik voorbij dat huisje ben gegaan ...

  3. Well, and there is a poem within the photograph. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks,

      The room a little obscure itself
      and the garden
      colorful and bright
      indeed hid
      liquid poetry inside
      Fluently written as a play
      for shadow and light.
      by a sunny day

    2. Ah, wat een beeldschoon verassing! Dank je wel.

    3. The pleasure 's all mine and you surprised me too. Though I presume, you meant "verrassing"? Because with one -r- it means "cremation" :-)
      And now let's hope I didn't write too many mistakes myself ...

      Have a nice evening Sean and thanks again for visiting my blog.

    4. Ha ha, with one day delay here's the missing 'r', Mylady :)

      Thanks so much, Dauw, both for the correction, your lenient smile and the kind welcome.
      The peace of the night.


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